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 JSC ‘’Siera Nams’’ was founded in 1997 and is among the biggest importers and wholesalers of cheese and dairy products in Latvia. Our product portfolio consists of more than 1000 items and we represent both the biggest European producers and small, specialised cheese producers. We can offer both well known and appreciated brands and less famous, still very high quality products to our customers.

 The mission of JSC Siera Nams is to educate consumers about the variety of cheese. During more than 17 years a lot of work has been invested in preparing various books and presentation materials about cheese, carrying out tastings and searching for new and interesting products to be able to surprise our customers and to present something new to them.

For this purpose our employees visit the biggest food fairs and production facilities of our cooperation partners, in order to gain new knowledge and experience and to be able to share it with colleagues, cooperation partners and customers. It is our goal to develop and maintain long-term partnership with our customers and to provide optimum delivery conditions and a high service level. In order to do that, Siera Nams has vast warehouse facilities with automated temperature control, as well as a fleet of refrigerator vehicles.

Trade representatives and promoters of Siera Nams maintain regular relationship with our customers and provide information about news and campaigns. In 2004 Siera Nams decided to expand its operations and in 2005 a new production facility for cutting semi-hard cheese and packing it in a protection atmosphere or in vacuum was put in operation. Now this cheese can be bought at all major trading places in Latvia and are mostly favored by the buyers who appreciate quality and comfort. 

 In response to our customers wish to have high quality local cheese and dairy products, year 2009 was very important as cooperation with JSC Cesvaines piens started and Siera Nams became the provider of logistics and sales services to Cesvaines PiensThis cooperation has grown closer over years. The experience sharing and joint effort has resulted in the creation of new and competitive dairy products.