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2 hotdog buns
10g butter with Himalayan salt
2 lettuce leaves
4 eggs
100 ml sweet cream or milk
120g “Holandes” cheese
3 frankfurters

Boil the frankfurters. Make “ears” from one of the frankfurters, they will be attached to bears’ heads afterwards.

Cut a slice of cheese, form the face, grate the rest of the cheese on a vegetable grate. Mix the eggs with sweet cream or milk, add cheese. Melt the butter in a pan and add the egg mix. When the oil start getting thick, stir them to form “clots”. Continue cooking until the egg is done by stirring occasionally. Cut the hotdog buns, put a lettuce leaf in there. Fill with the cooked eggs and decorate with the frankfurter “bear “.

 Delicious sandwiches

Publicēts: 03.08.2015
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